Internet Governance 2010

binary_code_2Latest Developments in IGF, ICANN and WSIS

Wolfgang Kleinwächter, an Elected Member of IAMCR's International Council who represents the association in UN World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Internet Governance Forum (IGF) and Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) on matters related to Internet Governance -his main subject of research since more than ten years- has prepared a comprehensive report on the latest developments in IGF, ICANN and WISIS.


In support of Oleg Manaev

manaevThe International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) joins with others to express its concern about the continued unfair treatment and the threats made against Dr. Oleg Manaev of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Science at the Belarus State University.

A well-respected scholar in the international academic community, Dr. Manaev's work is in the spirit of the worldwide democratic movement that puts emphasis on civil, human, and individual rights. It is precisely because of this that Dr. Manaev has been the victim of official persecution for many years.



ICAParticipants at the International Communications Association's (ICA) annual conference to be held from 22-26 June in Singapore are invited to the IAMCR panel on Wednesday 23 Jun 23 from 16:00 -  17:15pm in the Theatre of the SUNTEC International Convention Centre.

Three IAMCR members will speaking to the panel's title, Eclectic Approaches to Matters of Communication.


Impact of Global Crises on Civil Society Organisations

coinsIn October 2009, IAMCR was invited to participate in a broad-based survey on the impact of the global crises on civil society organizations. The results of the survey are now available online.

The evaluation of the responses to the survey shows that although some civil society organization (CSOs) have seen increased funding, overall the survey finds a worsening financial situation for CSOs in the period 2008-2009.



Announcing Istanbul

turkey_flagThe Executive Board and International Council of IAMCR have enthusiastically endorsed Istanbul as the site for IAMCR's conference in July 2011. The local organising committee is headed by Deniz Bayrakdar of Kadir Has University, Istanbul, and includes representatives from a number of Turkish universities.

The conference theme will be "Cities, Connectivity and Creativity". The Turkish organising committee will make a presentation about the university venue, Istanbul and the conference theme at our conference in Braga, Portugal 18-22 July 2010.

IAMCR joins Women Make the News 2010

wmn_unesco_logoOn the occasion of International Women’s Day (8 March), IAMCR joins UNESCO and other international and regional media organizations to launch the annual Women Make the News (WMN) initiative.

Under the theme, “Towards Gender Sensitive Indicators for Media: Best practices for gender perspective in media and in media content”, WMN 2010 is intended to initiate a global exchange on the importance and the need for gender sensitive indicators for media organizations.


Ethical Guidelines for Media Practice, Education and Research

At last year's conference Virginia Nightingale, chair of IAMCR's Audience Section, undertook to coordinate the preparation of a draft proposal on Ethical Guidelines for Media Practice, Education and Research. Her idea is to develop some guidelines for ethical practice to be put to IAMCR's International Council for discussion. In order to broaden the discussion she is opening this topic for discussion on IAMCR's Facebook page.


Membership renewal 2010

calendarioIAMCR membership is for the calendar year - from January to December - so together with wishing all the best for the new year, we remind you that it's time to renew your membership. If you haven't yet renewed, you should have received a reminder email on 14 January. If you didn't see the email, send us a message and we will make sure you get it. In the case of institutional members, the designated correspondent should have received the message.

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IAMCR did not make Al-Alam statement

Dear Colleagues: There is a story posted on Press TV the English-language television channel of the Islamic Republic of Iran, that suggests that "International groups and news networks have condemned Arab satellite operators for taking Iran's Al-Alam television network off air."

It continues: "The following is the list of international associations and groups which have condemned the removal of Al-Alam from Arabsat and Nilesat" and the first-named organization is "The International Association for Media and Communication Research – IAMCR"


2010 membership renewal campaign

altIAMCR has launched its annual membership renewal campaign with messages sent to all individual members and institutional correspondents who have not yet renewed their membership for 2010.

We are also inviting new members. IAMCR membership is for the calendar year (January to December) but if you join now, your membership will be valid until December 2010.

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